Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Review

The story evolves around this annual event that is broadcasted on national TV, the Hunger Games, in which a group of children ranging from 12 to 18 fight each other for their life, with only one to remain standing.
Suzanne Collins created this post-apocalypse world that is quite beyond our current technology capacities. Full body polishing, anyone? I 'd sign up for that miracle procedure. But back to the story . . . there are 12 districts and one boy and one girl of each district are sent to the arena to fight. As you grow older towards 18 your name is put more and more into the draw for the games. That and you can put your name in again for basic rations. As you go farer from district 1 the poorer the area is. And the main character, Katniss Everglade, lives on district 12. With her mother and little sister. Her sister goes for the first drawing of her life and she is picked. With only one of her name entered into the drawing. Bad luck? Yes. But not for the little 12 year old. But for Katniss who enters in her place.
And so the book continues with the training and the games itself and the final outcome. It's a brutal reality for Katniss (am I the only one who doesn't hate her name?), the Games are brutal but Suzanne Collins managed to make it quite balanced for all ages of readers.
Overall The Hunger Games seem to be the new fever between young readers. With a movie coming out early in 2012. And you can definitely count me in with the fever!

It's an amazing book balancing tension, violence, romance. . . It's a fast paced good read and I absolutely love it!

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