Monday, March 26, 2012

Divergent - Veronica Roth

As soon as I started reading it on my Ipod I couldn't stop. I would definitely recommend it if you liked the Hunger Games because it has a strong main character -Beatrice or Tris- and  a taste of revolution with nicely balanced romance.

Tris. Now that is a well written character. She is strong and never weakens despite the odds. I found the general idea of this one very unusual and definitely interesting. Society is divided into factions. Each with their own characteristic or personality that you follow as a principle in your life.

Now for you to be matched to a certain faction there is a sort of personality test that I found to be slightly iffy. It kinda lacked in my opinion. But moving on!

Now, the most entertaining thought this books gives you is - Which faction would you fit into or choose to be in ? Would you be a brave person and choose Dauntless? Or selfless and choose Abnegation? Completly honest and choose Condor? Peaceful in Amity? Or smart and intelligent and studious in Erudite?

Personally? For me it would definitely be Amity.

Now I had difficulty relating to Tris who decided to pick Dauntless. The complete opposite of Amity. But the horrors of the initiation in Dauntless made it all very fun but outrageous at the same time. In the end of the books a war starts and it seems to point to the end of the existence of factions. I believe that what will happens is that those who lasted from Abnegation and Dauntless will form a community as factionless. But we will see. As much as I expect that to happen. It is kinda sad since the factions were starting to grow on me and I was hoping to get to know it better and see Tris in that environment. Hopefully the second book will be as good!

Nevertheless - recommended!

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