Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4) - Short Review

I really love this series, its very different. Overall it managed to surprise me greatly and I enjoy it to the most. So a big thumbs up to Richelle Mead on that.

Now on to the review! And beware of spoilers!

This book definitely is a mixture of emotions and happenings. We got to see new sides of many characters which was on of the best things about this book. Roses's mother actually shows some emotion. And Adrian shows his more protective and caring side. Which made me fall more in love with the character then before. Rose also matures a lot in this book.

Although the very end surprised me a bit. Yes it was expected that Dimitri would still be well alive. But I personally though that Rose would genuinely give Adrian a chance and start a relationship with him. Even if a hesitant one. And then she would discover that he is alive and searching for her. And while all that happened the story would focus on Lissa and her ended relationship and her actions towards the court/royalty. And now Adrian is bound to be thrown to the side again. Poor guy.

Abe was quite the surprise there. I never saw it coming. And when she realizes that they have more in common than she thought. I just have to say. It's really funny. No doubt about it.

Also, the whole thing with Avery I wasn't expecting at all. I never even though about the possibility of her being a Spirit user! Although the few oddities regarding her here and there.
How naive of me.

I do confess that at some parts things were quite monotonous. But the ending is well worth it and I really think everyone should read this book. Although you probably already wanted to read it if you haven't yet.

Overall? 4 stars.

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