Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Favorite Writer

I never really though of having a favorite writer. But recently I've realized I do. Sophie Kinsella. It doesn't matter what she is writing about, I always enjoy from start to finish every book I read from her. And I have read a lot.
I guess it's the way she writes and creates her characters that make every single book entertaining. And one of the few that I actually have the patience to re-read.

A lot of people know of her Shopaholic series since it even made it as a movie. And the latest book "Mini shopaholic" was about Becky and her daughter and their difficulties. I really pity Luke. Two shopaholics under one roof? Oh my.

Her stand alone novels are special each on it's own. The ones I liked the most were "Remember Me?" and the "The Undomestic Goddess". Especially that last one.

Righ now I am starting to read the books she wrote under the name of Madeleine Wickham. Just finished reading Cocktails for Three. And as I said above, I enjoy every book she writes and this time it wasn't any different. I am most ready to read all the rest!

Check out her website and the books she has written and see if you are interested. I promise you won't regret them.

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