Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unusual Favorite : The Land of Elyon Series

Basically, it's about a 12-year-old girl in search of the truth in the Land of Elyon. In book 1, Alexa tries to figure out what lies outside the walls of her kingdom. I've read 3 of the 5 (?) books. And it may look childish, especially the character being 12. But believe me this is worthy of all ages. And the courage and attitude she presents is beyond her young age. It is quite enjoyable and definitely a favorite of mine. I devoured these books!

It is well written. I really enjoy the main character, although that can differ quite a bit since some have said that she has no salt to her. All the little mysteries and adventures she goes through is just wonderful to read. This is a great addition to your fantasy arsenal. I confess that I wasn't too excited with how the first book started. It was weird, especially since it started with the death of a character. But after you get into it you can't stop. I'll definitely be buying the next books as soon as they arrive here.

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